BRC-20 tokens are presenting new opportunities for Bitcoin buyers
    09 Dec 2023

    As the first blockchain and cryptocurrency, Bitcoin paved the way for everything that’s come since: nonfungible tokens (NFTs), smart contracts, tokenization, layer-2 solutions, and all the rest. Due to Bitcoin’s value to the cryptosphere, forming the bedrock that supports the rest of the market, its protocol is rarely altered. With hundreds of billions of dollars and global trust…

    Bitcoin’s many deaths: Is crypto market past ‘point of no return?’
    09 Dec 2023

    Bitcoin and the broader crypto market have been gleefully declared dead more than a few times during bear markets, but some experts say it would take a genuinely extreme set of events for it to truly die. According to 99Bitcoins — a website that, among other things, tracks how many times Bitcoin has been declared dead by…