Trader gambles $226K on Solana memecoin, hits $1.69M in 5 days
    19 Dec 2023

    The Solana memecoin frenzy continues as a trader turns $226,000 into well over $1.6 million by gambling on a token with a beanie-wearing dog as its mascot. Between Dec. 13 and 15, a crypto trader bought over 19 million Dogwifhat (WIF) tokens, a dog-themed memecoin, as it debuted on the markets within the Solana network….

    Spot Bitcoin ETF will be ‘bloodbath’ for crypto exchanges, analyst says
    19 Dec 2023

    While the crypto community eagerly awaits the possible approval of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States, some analysts are warning this could potentially trigger unwanted consequences for cryptocurrency exchanges. Several industry observers have predicted that a spot BTC ETF could start trading in early 2024, in an event that, when paired with Bitcoin’s…

    Why a gold rush for inscriptions has broken half a dozen blockchains
    19 Dec 2023

    The latest degen “gold rush” to inscribe everything from profile pictures to memecoins has led to at least half a dozen blockchain networks cracking under pressure over the past week. The last few days have seen Arbirtrum, Avalanche, Cronos, zkSync, and TON all suffering partial or full outages recently due to inscriptions, with modular data availability…