Tether mints $1B USDT for ‘inventory replenish’ — CEO Paolo Ardoino
    27 Dec 2023

    Tether, the operator of the world’s largest stablecoin, the eponymous Tether, has minted another billion USDT, which is “authorized but not issued,” according to CEO Paolo Ardoino. Blockchain tracking platform Whale Alert took to X (formerly Twitter) on Dec. 25 to alert users that Tether Treasury had minted 1 billion USDT ($1 billion). Tether CEO Ardoino subsequently responded with a…

    Overcoming centralized governance: How DAOs democratize decision making
    27 Dec 2023

    The crypto ecosystem has emerged to democratize finance, empower individuals, and promote freedom. However, governments and global financial institutions often treat public blockchains and digital assets skeptically. Governments claim to support the development of innovative technologies like blockchain, but they adopt a tough stance on crypto businesses, such as cryptocurrency exchanges. In the U.S., the Securities…

    Bitrace report zeroes in on stablecoin money laundering methods
    27 Dec 2023

    Money laundering is sometimes a source of deviation in stablecoin prices, blockchain researcher Bitrace has found in an examination of transactions with Tether. Depending on circumstances, money launderers may trade USDT at above- or below-market prices. In a translated report that Wu Blockchain published on Medium on Dec. 26, Bitrace outlined two scenarios for using stablecoins for…