Bitcoin ecosystem reinvigorated by memecoins, new protocols
    16 Dec 2023

    The Bitcoin ecosystem has witnessed a dramatic recovery as the market cap of BRC-20 tokens surpassed $4 billion shortly after their invention in January. According to a Dec. 15 research report by cryptocurrency exchange Bitget seen by Cointelegraph, Bitcoin miners’ earnings from on-chain fees have surged from 1.7% in August to 19.57% by November. Meanwhile, daily…

    Ethereum community adopts ERC-3643 as standard for compliant asset tokenization
    16 Dec 2023

    The Ethereum community has officially signed off on the ERC-3643 Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP), establishing it as a recognized standard for compliant tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs). According to a Dec. 15 announcement, the proposal reached its final status, meaning it has been formally reviewed, discussed and agreed upon within the Ethereum community. It’s a similar process to the…

    $100K BTC? Don’t undervalue Bitcoin ETF influence, says Adam Back
    16 Dec 2023

    The COVID-19 pandemic, rampant inflation and regional conflicts directly influenced Bitcoin’s drop in value over the past two years. However, 2024 promises to be a resurgent period, according to Blockstream CEO Adam Back. The cryptographer, who pioneered the proof-of-work algorithm applied in Bitcoin’s protocol, tells Cointelegraph that the preeminent cryptocurrency is trailing below the historical price trend…