Bitcoin will close 2023 as one of the top-performing assets, up 160% — Kaiko
    24 Dec 2023

    Bitcoin is set to wrap up the year outperforming all major traditional assets, data provider Kaiko Research predicts. The cryptocurrency is up more than 160% in 2023 despite tight macroeconomic conditions and headwinds in the crypto industry. Just a few companies are ahead of Bitcoin performance, including NVIDIA Corp (NVDA), which has jumped 241% year-to-date, outpacing Bitcoin’s…

    Traders report frozen assets, account blocks on MEXC
    24 Dec 2023

    Crypto exchange MEXC has allegedly frozen several traders’ accounts and seized their funds, according to multiple reports on X (formerly Twitter). The exchange claims the actions were motivated by “abnormal trading activities.” MEXC’s users have been complaining about account restrictions since Dec. 16. On X, the pseudonymous trader Vida revealed a loss of $92,000 in Tether tokens,…

    2024 will be the year crypto investors get sophisticated with derivatives
    24 Dec 2023

    During the 2017 bull run, initial coin offerings (ICOs) were all the rage. The last bull market — in 2021 — was dominated by the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) and yield farming. Now, as a fresh bull cycle gathers pace, 2024 will bring a breadth of more sophisticated financial products on-chain. From complex derivatives to structured products, big-boy…