Bug in Fed’s payment system prevents Americans from getting paid
    04 Nov 2023

    Some of the largest United States banks are not able to facilitate customers deposits after one of the Federal Reserve’s payment systems suffered an outage on Nov. 3. The Federal Reserve said the bug was caused by a “processing issue” in the Automated Clearing House — a payment processing network widely used by banks and employers to…

    Monolithic vs. modular blockchains
    04 Nov 2023

    Looking at all the cryptocurrency in tracking sites like Coinmarketcap.com may leave most beginners confused at the number of tokens being offered to the public. Layer-1, layer-2, metaverse, DeFi, gaming, liquid staking, real world assets, memes and the like are like the toys in a large toy shop. Each has its own separate world. One…

    Opinion: With Bitcoin’s halving months away, it may be time to go risk-on
    04 Nov 2023

    More tradition than coincidence, the Christmas season is around the corner again and the market is looking good for yet another run. Bitcoin surged to more than $35,000 in October, another record high for 2023. The year-long rally has been attributed to unconventional market trends, including excitement over the Bitcoin spot ETF applications pending with the Securities and…