Why the service industry needs blockchain, explained
    12 Nov 2023

    The need for blockchain technology in the service industry Blockchain technology has the potential to completely transform the services sector by improving efficiency, security and transparency.  Blockchain technology reduces the risk of fraud and errors in industries, including supply chain management, healthcare, and media and entertainment, by ensuring tamper-proof record-keeping through decentralized ledgers. Blockchain-based smart…

    Bitcoiners pitch draft bill to preserve blockchain, decentralization in Argentina
    12 Nov 2023

    Non-government organization Bitcoin Argentina presented a draft bill proposing to regulate the cryptocurrency market in a way that preserves decentralization and strengthens public trust. The proposed legal framework was pitched by Bitcoin Argentina’s president Ricardo Mihura at LABITCONF 2023 in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires on Nov. 10. Bitcoin Argentina previously dismissed the idea that the…