Pre-ETF BTC price ‘crash’ or $150K in 2025? Bitcoin forecasts diverge
    13 Nov 2023

    Bitcoin will “most likely” see a serious price drawdown before a key date for institutional investors dawns, says gold bug Peter Schiff. In recent X activity, the longtime Bitcoin skeptic sounded the alarm over recent BTC price gains. Schiff bets on a BTC price “crash” before ETF launches Bitcoin is a favoirte topic of criticism for…

    THORChain becomes third largest DEX as Rune surges 50% in a week
    13 Nov 2023

    Native asset settlement protocol THORChain has recorded the third-largest trading volume among non-centralized exchanges in the last week with users seemingly attracted to the high yield offered adjacent to its native token Rune. Over the last week, THORChain’s trading volume hit $1.32 billion third only behind Uniswap and PancakeSwap at $10.85 billion and $2.77 billion…