UK regulator advocates for asset managers to tokenize funds
    25 Nov 2023

    Investment managers in the United Kingdom are receiving regulatory support to leverage blockchain technology for the tokenization of funds, breaking away from conventional record-keeping systems. In a recent report published by The Investment Association (IA), it argued that fund tokenization – which refers to issuing tokenized units or shares on distributed ledger technology (DLT) – will lead to…

    Blockchain devs expect complications from EU smart contract kill switch
    25 Nov 2023

    The Data Act — a contentious piece of European Union legislation that includes a clause requiring the ability to terminate smart contracts — has been approved by the European Parliament. If introduced, the legislation will require a smart contract to have a “kill switch.” In a Nov. 9 press release, the parliament announced that the legislation…

    Crypto documentary ‘Bull Run’ takes on Bitcoin, tokenization and trading addiction
    25 Nov 2023

    The film industry has been suggested by many as one of the next frontiers of Web3 and blockchain technology. With movies historically funded by wealthy investors or centralized production companies, blockchain offers a unique set of tools to decentralize the investment process. Filmmakers can launch projects quicker, and individuals can have a stake in the…