Circle to launch ‘official version’ of USDC natively on Arbitrum
    02 Jun 2023

    USDC stablecoin developer Circle will replace the current version of its token with one running natively on the Arbitrum network. Circle recently announced plans for a June 8 launch of a new native version of its USD Coin stablecoin on the Arbitrum network. 1/ Circle is launching USDC natively on @Arbitrum on June 8th! Keep scrolling…

    Does the US have a crypto ‘tax loophole’ problem?
    02 Jun 2023

    The Biden administration wanted to nix a “special tax subsidy for cryptocurrency,” but it wasn’t in the May 28 debt ceiling bill. Another narrow escape? The crypto sector appears to have dodged another bullet. At the time of publication, the United States has reached a political agreement to raise its debt ceiling, avoiding a calamitous…

    Scientists propose quantum proof-of-work consensus for blockchain
    02 Jun 2023

    Boson sampling was once considered a problem looking for a solution. Now, it might be the bridge that brings quantum computing to the blockchain. A team of researchers from universities in Australia and the United States, working in collaboration with quantum technology company BTQ, recently published research proposing a novel proof-of-work (PoW) scheme for blockchain…