US lawmakers aim for crypto regulatory clarity with proposed bill putting the screws to SEC
    03 Jun 2023

    The framework under the bill would allow certain tokens to qualify as digital commodities if they were decentralized and crack down on the SEC’s previous approach to crypto. Lawmakers with the United States House Financial Services Committee and House Agriculture Committee have released a draft discussion offering certain crypto assets a pathway to being labeled…

    Arbitrum price soars after DeFi whale address resumes ARB accumulation
    03 Jun 2023

    ARB’s price notched a double-digit gain after a popular DeFi whale address resumed buying the governance token, but is the rally sustainable? On June 2, the price of Arbitrum jumped alongside the top-ranking cryptocurrencies after the United States Senate voted to raise the debt limit. Why is the ARB price up today? The price of Arbitrum (ARB) rose…

    Stablecoins are a critical countermeasure to Operation Chokepoint
    03 Jun 2023

    Stablecoins could help crypto firms to remove themselves from the banking system — and prevent the U.S. government from cutting off their financial lifelines. Boosting financial inclusion is one of crypto’s strongest value propositions. Yet, ironically, the banking crisis has effectively de-banked the crypto industry itself, at least in the United States. How things panned…