AWS went down in the US, but Ethereum kept humming
    14 Jun 2023

    Ethereum hummed along through the latest AWS outage but one commentator said its reliance on Lido for staking could cause issues in the future. Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered a minor outage but there was no impact on Ethereum network nodes which largely rely on Amazon’s hosting. On June 13, the cloud service provider went…

    Privacy should be considered in ‘potential retail CBDC’ — Treasury official
    14 Jun 2023

    U.S. Treasury official Graham Steele told an audience at a Texas payments conference that a future CBDC in America should consider anonymity. Privacy and the ability to transact anonymously should be considerations in the design of a digital dollar, a United States Treasury official has said. On June 13 the Treasury Department’s Assistant Secretary for…

    Cybernetic organizations — BORGs — are doomed to fail
    14 Jun 2023

    Cybernetic organizations automate decision-making so that DAO actions can be taken without proposals — implementing law through code. What makes a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) a DAO? In practice, the democratic structure of these organizations has been compromised because a number of self-purporting DAOs are operating like traditional corporations. With this in mind, developers at Delphi Labs…

    Bitcoin gets closer to ‘51% attack’ on altcoin market
    14 Jun 2023

    Bitcoin’s market dominance index has failed to sustain above 50% since April 2021 — so will this time be any different? Bitcoin’s percentage share in the crypto market has risen to nearly 50% in the aftermath of the last week’s altcoin market rout. On June 13, the Bitcoin Dominance Index (BTC.D), which tracks BTC’s weight against…