Riot Platforms to add 33,000 Bitcoin miners ahead of 2024 halving
    27 Jun 2023

    The new rigs will add 7.6 EH/s to the firm’s self-mining capacity, but won’t be installed until the first quarter of 2024. Riot Platforms — one of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining companies — has bought 33,280 “next-generation” Bitcoin miners for its Texas facility, costing $162.9 million. The rigs, which were sourced from mining manufacturer MicroBT,…

    Basis trading, simplified, and how exchanges adapt to institutional needs — Q&A with OKX
    27 Jun 2023

    The crypto exchange created a new product, “Nitro Spreads,” to provide institutional investors with an easier way to “trade the basis” and successfully navigate the market. In the highly volatile and ever-changing cryptocurrency market, exchanges are striving to not only survive but thrive in all market conditions. They understand the importance of catering to institutional investors who demand…

    Yes, the Secret Service has an NFT collection, and no, it’s not for sale
    27 Jun 2023

    Agents from the U.S. Secret Service San Francisco Field Office have answered a burning question about its NFT collection. What does it do? The United States Secret Service has finally shed more light on its bizarre nonfungible token (NFT) collection sitting on OpenSea. The NFT collection was first revealed during a Reddit AMA on May 16, where…

    zkSync unveils new network of ‘Hyperchains’ — Testnet by end of year
    27 Jun 2023

    zkSync Era’s new ZK Stack will use recursive scaling and “hyperchains” to create an ecosystem of interoperable protocols and sovereign chains. Ethereum zero-knowledge proof scaling system zkSync Era has unveiled its answer to Optimism’s Superchain concept in the form of ZK Stack. It’s a modular framework for a series of ZK-powered custom blockchains called Hyperchains, which will operate as…