Rising institutional interest is a ‘bullish’ sign for crypto: SEBA Bank exec
    24 Jun 2023

    SEBA Bank exec Nasha Afshar believes that the question of institutions getting into crypto has shifted from “if” to “when,“ indicating growing confidence in the industry. As more institutions go from only showing their interest in the crypto space into actually investing in Web3 projects, getting into crypto turns into a question of “when” rather…

    US Supreme Court halts Coinbase cases in its first crypto ruling
    24 Jun 2023

    The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Coinbase in its first-ever opinion on a cryptocurrency case on June 23. The United States Supreme Court decided in favor of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase on June 23 in a partisan opinion that will halt court proceedings against the company in two California cases. Plaintiffs in the…

    ECB official labels crypto as ‘deleterious’ with ‘no societal benefits’ in scathing speech
    24 Jun 2023

    According to Fabio Panetta, the volatility of crypto and aspects of blockchain technology made digital assets only suitable for gambling. Fabio Panetta, an executive board member of the European Central Bank (ECB), has suggested a dark future for cryptocurrencies, in which the digital assets may be used for little more than gambling among investors. In…