Banning crypto ‘may not be effective in the long run’ — IMF
    23 Jun 2023

    After proposing a single ledger CBDC payment system, the International Monetary Fund reported on the regulation and use of digital currencies in Latin America and the Caribbean. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reiterated its calls for crypto regulation across certain countries but said an outright ban may not be the best approach. In a…

    Bitcoin holds $30K as bulls flaunt their advantage in Friday’s $715M BTC options expiry
    23 Jun 2023

    News of regulatory enforcement against the crypto sector fell by the wayside as the Bitcoin price rallied above $30,000, and options data suggests the trend will continue. Bitcoin’s 15% rally toward $30,300 between June 19 and June 21 caught most traders by surprise, triggering $125 million in liquidations of leveraged short futures contracts. Narrowing down…

    ‘Bitcoin only’ buy-and-hold investment strategy outperforms altcoins over the long term — Analysis shows
    23 Jun 2023

    Historical data shows that apart from a few times since 2015 when altcoins outperformed BTC, a ‘Bitcoin only’ investment strategy has fared considerably well. Altcoins offer diverse, innovative features, promising technological advancements, and potentially lucrative investment opportunities. Many-a-time specific altcoins post handsome gains that surpass Bitcoin, popularly known as altcoin season. However, K33 Research analysis shows over…