‘All of the SEC’s claims fail’ — Binance.US rebuts motion to freeze funds
    13 Jun 2023

    Binance.US has lodged its defense ahead of tomorrow’s hearing on whether it’s funds will be frozen. Binance.US has asked the court to deny the securities regulator’s proposed temporary restraining order against its assets ahead of a June 13 hearing, claiming that the move would “effectively end” its business. In a June 12 filing, Binance.US slammed the…

    SEC’s Gensler says BTC, ETH ‘not securities’ in a newly surfaced video
    13 Jun 2023

    The 2018-era Gensler appeared much more lenient towards certain cryptocurrencies, including Ether. A newly surfaced video featuring Gary Gensler from 2018 has made the rounds on social media, showing the now-chair of the United States securities regulator agastating that multiple cryptocurrencies are “not securities.” On June 12 multiple Twitter accounts shared the video which is understood to come…

    Fear of blockchain will have ‘disastrous consequences’ — Ava Labs CEO testimony
    13 Jun 2023

    Gün Sirer says the U.S. “won the first wave of the internet revolution” because it enabled responsible innovation. Now, it must do the same with blockchain. Ava Labs CEO Emin Gün Sirer will be calling on United States officials to “nurture” and “support” responsible blockchain innovation, warning that they face “disastrous consequences” if they don’t….