Coinbase layer-2 network Base closes in on mainnet launch
    30 Jun 2023

    While a date for mainnet wasn’t announced, the Base team said it’s now fulfilled four out of five of their criteria for launch. Base, a new layer 2 application-focused protocol by Coinbase, has just one criterion left to fulfill before being ready for mainnet launch. On June 29, the team said the Optimism-powered, Ethereum-secured network has been…

    UK crypto bill reaches final stage, on track for passage
    30 Jun 2023

    The legislation now waits on King Charles’ table for royal assent, the final step required for a parliamentary bill to become law. A bill bringing cryptocurrencies under the same rules applied to traditional assets is set to pass into law in the United Kingdom as it reaches the final stages for King Charles’ royal assent on June…

    LayerZero’s market shifting, there’s a better environment ahead for everyone, CEO says
    30 Jun 2023

    LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino is optimistic about the future of the blockchain industry and the “really important plumbing” LayerZero provides for it. The outlook for the crypto industry is bright. As a matter of fact, the present isn’t even all that grim, Bryan Pellegrino, CEO of cross-chain interoperability protocol LayerZero, told Cointelegraph at the Collision…

    $7.8B lost in crypto Ponzi and pyramid schemes in 2022: Report
    29 Jun 2023

    Illicit activities related to crypto increased across the sector in 2022 despite an overall market downturn. According to a report published by blockchain intelligence firm TRM Labs on June 28, a combined $7.8 billion was paid to cryptocurrency pyramid and Ponzi schemes worldwide in 2022. In addition, another $1.5 billion in crypto was alleged by TRM to…

    Hester Peirce: US crypto laws can’t assume ‘everything is a financial asset’
    29 Jun 2023

    Securities and Exchange Commissioner Hester Peirce discussed a possible United States crypto legal framework, giving a reminder that not all uses are financial. Cryptocurrency laws in the United States should be “reserved” and not regulate the technology as though every use is financial, a commissioner at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has argued. On…

    FTX reboot on the way: CEO holds talks with ‘interested parties’ — Report
    29 Jun 2023

    FTX is inching closer to a potential reboot, with CEO John Ray reportedly opening up the floor to bidders looking to finance the new venture. Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX is one step closer to relaunching as an entirely new exchange. According to a June 28 report from The Wall Street Journal, FTX restructuring chief John Ray said…