Coinbase faces suit over alleged privacy violations in biometrics collection
    02 May 2023

    The proposed class action lawsuit alleges the exchange violated privacy laws in Illinois when it collected and stored users’ fingerprints and facial scans. Coinbase violated biometric privacy laws in Illinois through its collection and storage of customer fingerprints and facial templates, a proposed class-action lawsuit alleges. A May 1 filing in a California District Court by a…

    Bitcoin hash rates threaten blockchain decentralization
    02 May 2023

    The blockchain industry is facing a massive power imbalance — just like the traditional finance industry. Blockchain technology was introduced in 2008 as a decentralized, secure, transparent system for managing digital transactions. Its primary aim was to provide a solution to major problems with traditional transactional systems, including trust, security, decentralization and efficiency. Blockchain has…

    More TPS, less gas: Ethereum L2 Starknet outlines performance upgrades
    02 May 2023

    Starknet makes performance improvements a top priority in 2023, aiming to increase throughput, lower latency and reduce transaction costs. Layer-2 blockchain protocols have been in the spotlight in 2023, bringing major performance improvements to a variety of platforms and services operating in the Ethereum ecosystem. Zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs have been key in the roll-out of a variety…