Coinbase launches zero trading fee subscription service
    19 May 2023

    Coinbase’s new subscription service, “Coinbase One,” is expected to roll out across 35 countries in the near future. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is set to launch its subscription service called “Coinbase One” across 35 countries. Initially, only customers in the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland will have access to Coinbase One. According to the May 18 announcement,…

    Bitcoin, gold and the debt ceiling — Does something have to give?
    19 May 2023

    Traders are still tiptoeing around markets, as multiple risk events remain at the forefront, but BTC margin and futures markets are starting to favor a bullish breakout. Bitcoin has been trying to break above the $27,500 resistance for the past week but to no avail. One of the reasons limiting Bitcoin’s upside is the risk of an…

    Hyperbitcoinization coming, says Bitcoin OG as ‘wholecoiners’ hit 1 million
    19 May 2023

    1 million Bitcoin wallets now have a balance of 1 BTC or more, but the real magic is yet to come, says Adam Back. Bitcoin has crossed a significant threshold this month — and while it does not involve price, it does involve “millions.” Data from on-chain analytics firm Glassnode confirms that as of May 18, there are…

    Bitcoin and proof-of-stake have natural ‘synergy’: Bitcoin Builders 2023
    19 May 2023

    Stanford University professor David Tsè said his team’s research had revealed a security property between Bitcoin and proof-of-stake protocols. Less than a year after proof-of-stake (PoS) became the consensus mechanism for the Ethereum blockchain — the industry’s largest blockchain network — researchers have found that PoS can complement Bitcoin. Stanford University professor David Tsè spoke to Cointelegraph at the…