Liquid staking solutions now have more TVL than DEXs: Finance Redefined
    06 May 2023

    April was a month of hacks, exploits and rug pulls, resulting in over $100 million in net losses across DeFi platforms. Welcome to Finance Redefined, your weekly dose of essential decentralized finance (DeFi) insights — a newsletter crafted to bring you the most significant developments from the past week. April saw several hacks, exploits and rug pulls…

    RFK Jr. elaborates position on CBDC, crypto: ‘It isn’t just criminals who want privacy’
    06 May 2023

    The U.S. presidential candidate has added anti-CBDC to his anti-establishment, anti-vaccination repertoire and has gained double-digit support among Democrats. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is challenging United States President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination in the 2024 presidential election, has taken to Twitter again to share more of his thoughts on cryptocurrency. Kennedy criticized…

    Memecoin mania: Social relevance, speculation drives PEPE surge
    06 May 2023

    Memecoins are back in the headlines as PEPE booms, taking the market capitalization of speculative tokens over $20 billion. Memecoins have been part and parcel of the cryptocurrency space since the inception of Dogecoin back in 2013, with fortunes made and ruined in equal measure. But a new token on the block caused a stir in recent…