Deloitte integrates blockchain for digital credentials
    08 May 2023

    The credentials will “have multiple use cases,” including regulatory compliance for banking and decentralized finance, age verification for e-commerce, private logins and fundraising. Big Four accounting firm Deloitte has integrated blockchain technology to allow customers to store verification credentials in a single digital wallet to streamline the “typically inefficient” verification processes. In a May 4 statement,…

    Binance halts Bitcoin withdrawals for the second time in 12 hours
    08 May 2023

    The crypto exchange said it temporarily closed BTC withdrawals due to a “large volume of pending transactions.” Crypto exchange Binance halted Bitcoin withdrawals for the second time on May 8, citing a large backlog of pending withdrawals. Binance tweeted on May 8 that it closed off BTC withdrawals “temporarily” as there was a “large volume of…

    Pepe’s sudden drop leaves whale 500k in the red
    08 May 2023

    A memecoin whale who purchased roughly $3 million worth of the Pepe token just days ago is now sitting on an unrealized loss of around $600,000. The price of new memecoin Pepe (PEPE) has plunged more than 42% only days after reaching its all-time high on May 6, leaving at least one investor with hundreds…

    The Ethereum Foundation just sold $30M in Ether — But will ETH price fall this time?
    08 May 2023

    Ethereum Foundation’s previous big sale of ETH preceded a bear market, but there’s little evidence that such sales affect the general market trend. On May 6, Ethereum Foundation transferred nearly $30 million in Ether to the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, causing jitters in the market about a potential selloff event. ETH price fell 4.8% to $1,900 on the…