Will compromise on anonymous crypto appease US regulators, spur adoption?
    04 May 2023

    Asking exchanges to identify users might seem like a minor inconvenience, but could it drive DeFi firms overseas, and would crypto users even care? Cryptocurrencies were designed to be anonymous or pseudonymous, so there is an inherent tension when protocols come up against jurisdictional authorities. In the United States, the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector has…

    New Cosmos chain will use liquid staking tokens from other networks for security
    04 May 2023

    Staked ETH, BNB, ATOM, SOL and MATIC will be usable on Tenet as “restakes” to gain further rewards. A new Cosmos-based blockchain called “Tenet” will use liquid staking coins from other networks to secure its transactions, potentially allowing the new network to inherit the security of older ones, according to a May 3 announcement from…

    Digitalization won’t displace commercial bank money any time soon: Moody’s
    04 May 2023

    Even as digitalization increases, the commercial bank’s place in the economy is solid and will be supported by some new forms of money, the credit rating agency said. Digitalization is shaping the future of money, but traditional central bank money housed in commercial banks will remain dominant, Moody’s predicted in a new report. Essentially, trust…