LG Electronics files patent for NFT-trading TV
    13 May 2023

    The information was published on WIPO’s global database for intellectual property on May 11, 18 months after LG filed its application. South Korean tech company LG Electronics has filed a patent application for its blockchain-based Smart TV that allows users to trade nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The information was published on WIPO’s global database for intellectual property on May…

    The US should promote USDC — before it’s too late
    13 May 2023

    USDC brings stability to cryptocurrency. It would behoove the financial system if policymakers took measures to foster its adoption. Ignore the doomsayers. The United States is still the world’s leading economy and will remain so in the future. With its global talent pool and world-class institutions, the U.S. has a competitive edge in virtually every…