Chinese city releases policy draft for metaverse industry development
    26 May 2023

    The policies include a series of cash benefits to attract metaverse-related companies to set up shop in the city. The capital of China’s Henan Province, Zhengzhou, on May 24, announced a series of policy proposals designed to provide support for metaverse companies operating in the region. As part of these initiatives, the municipal government intends to establish…

    RGB protocol may offer solution to Bitcoin’s Ordinals jam, proponent claims
    26 May 2023

    The founder of Digital Bitcoin Art and Assets believes that smart contracts on Bitcoin could solve the myriad problems created by Ordinals. Gideon Nweze, the founder and CEO of the newly launched Digital Bitcoin Art and Assets (DIBA) nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, believes there’s an alternative way to bring NFTs to Bitcoin that doesn’t impact…

    DeSantis looks like the choice for crypto enthusiasts in 2024
    26 May 2023

    Ron DeSantis understands the ethos of cryptocurrency. For single-issue crypto holders, that puts him ahead of the pack in the 2024 presidential race. Crypto Twitter discussions about law and policy are informed chaos, a specialized cacophony. Despite the drama involved with Gov. Ron DeSantis’ announcement on Twitter that he was running for president in 2024,…

    Emirati-based blockchain Bahamut goes live with PoSA consensus
    26 May 2023

    The proof-of-stake-and-activity (PoSA) consensus mechanism adds an extra layer of security to blockchain. Bitcoin launched with the ideal technology for the era it was introduced in. Proof-of-work (PoW), the underlying consensus that predates the first cryptocurrency, provides a self-sustaining mechanism where numerous miners around the world can contribute to verifying BTC transactions. As the crypto ecosystem expanded and…