‘The SEC’s actions have crippled a nascent industry’ — Paradigm requests amicus brief for Coinbase
    12 May 2023

    According to Paradigm, the SEC’s lack of a clear path for crypto firms to register could lead to a “de facto ban on digital asset trading platforms.” Paradigm, the crypto investment firm led by Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam, has petitioned to file an amicus brief in support of Coinbase’s case against the United States Securities…

    Memecoins are like Powerball for crypto fans: Matrixport exec
    12 May 2023

    For a lucky few, memecoins can provide a “path to wealth,” but for others, they’re simply a “risky gamble,” Matrixport’s Markus Thielen tells Cointelegraph. Memecoin buyers are playing the crypto-equivalent of Powerball — with many “playing” in the hopes of scoring “life-changing money,” yet only a few will walk away with the jackpot, says Matrixport’s…

    Pepe would be ashamed by PEPE investors
    12 May 2023

    Death threats, viral rap videos and a stream of frog-themed insults. That’s the state of my social media profiles after hosting a Twitter Space on May 8 about PEPE, the new token based on the “Pepe” meme. Poignantly hosted during a monumental PEPE price crash, Cointelegraph set out in the May 8 Twitter Space to understand…