Tether boasts of its financial stability after strong profits, money moved out of banks
    16 May 2023

    Tether Holdings wants to make sure the world is aware of its positive first-quarter attestation in the face of rumors and criticism. Stablecoin operator Tether Holdings pulled over $4.5 billion out of banks in the first quarter of 2023, causing a “substantial reduction” in counterparty risk, the company reported in a post touting its latest attestation by…

    What’s next for NFTs and Web3 in the age of the creator economy?
    16 May 2023

    The advantage of Web3 is that it grants users ownership of their data. Creators will be able to treat their data as their own personal property and be paid for whatever content they create, and others consume. A recent report from The Influencer’s Club suggests that the creator economy was worth over $100 billion in 2022 and…

    Celsius moves $781M in stETH just as Lido withdrawals open
    16 May 2023

    The bankrupt crypto lender has been moving its massive stash of staked Ethereum. It appears that embattled crypto lender Celsius is wasting no time in shifting its Ethereum staking tokens from liquid staking platform Lido, which has just enabled withdrawals. On May 15, a transaction was identified on Celsius wallets for 428,015 stETH (Lido staked…

    Optimism’s major mainnet upgrade to Bedrock set for June 6
    16 May 2023

    The much needed upgrade will provide a number of improvements across the network, and come at a time when competition in the Layer 2 space has been heating up. Layer 2 scaling solution Optimism is set to undergo its highly anticipated Bedrock upgrade on June 6. The move is expected to result in significantly reduced…