If Worldcoin can improve the world, why not give it a chance?
    01 Sep 2023

    Worldcoin could make it easier to create digital identities for people worldwide. And even if it fails, more projects like it are coming. All eyes have been on Worldcoin since the July 24 launch of its “World ID” system. The issues associated with the launch have been well reported at this juncture. They include possible onboarding security…

    Coinbase CEO reveals top 10 crypto ideas he’s urging devs to work on
    01 Sep 2023

    From flatcoins to on-chain advertisements, Brian Armstrong hopes aspiring developers take the time in the bear market to build out these crypto concepts. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has unveiled the ten ideas he is most excited about when it comes to crypto’s future, sharing hopes that developers can use the bear market to take them…

    IBM offers guidance for successful implementation of digital euro
    01 Sep 2023

    Five members of IBM Consulting created a list of points that the European Commission could consider to optimize its proposed digital euro legislation. IBM has some ideas about what it will take to make the digital euro a success, which it shared in a recent blog post. It suggested five items for designers to help…