Solana YTD inflows suggest it’s the ‘most loved altcoin’ — CoinShares
    05 Sep 2023

    Solana has seen steady inflows over the last nine weeks, even as other crypto investment products have faced outflows over a similar period. Solana investment products clocked $26 million worth of inflows since the start of 2023, outpacing all other altcoins, including Ether, suggesting it’s the “most loved altcoin amongst investors” according to CoinShares. In a…

    Digital euro can ward off a host of private payment service ills: ECB official
    05 Sep 2023

    Private payment services can gain a monopoly with no benefit to other market players or economic stability, ECB board member Fabio Panetta said. The European Central Bank (ECB) is quite happy with the European Commission’s legislative proposals for the digital euro. ECB executive board member Fabio Panetta told the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and…

    Vitalik Buterin on fix for Ethereum centralization — make running nodes easier
    05 Sep 2023

    Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin says node centralization is one of Ethereum’s main challenges but the perfect solution may not come for another 20 years. The centralization of nodes is one of the biggest problems facing the Ethereum network and should be addressed by making the running of nodes cheaper and easier, according to Ethereum co-founder…