Pay-to-use blockchains will never achieve mass adoption
    25 Sep 2023

    Blockchain projects should learn from Google and Facebook by monetizing users without directly asking for their money. Pay-to-use blockchains are done. Not for us, of course — the nerdy crypto crowd. We’re perfectly happy to open wallets, engrave seed phrases on steel cards we bury in the ground, find exchanges we haven’t been blocked from yet, wrap some assets…

    Chainlink downplays worries after users notice quiet change to multisig
    25 Sep 2023

    Chainlink critics have reiterated concerns about the oracle networks’ supposed centralization after a subtle adjustment to its multisig wallet. Decentralized oracle network Chainlink has downplayed a recent change in the number of signers required on its multisig wallet — a move that garnered backlash on social media from vocal critics. Crypto researcher Chris Blec was…