DeFi 3.0 introduces a new way to hedge crypto assets against volatility
    08 Sep 2023

    Bumper removes downside volatility for protected assets, making it a reliable alternative to crypto options trading. Price volatility is one of the biggest deterrents of the crypto market, dissuading newcomers from trading or investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether. Extreme market conditions can trigger billions of dollars in liquidations, making it less than ideal for…

    Persistent macro headwinds could delay Bitcoin bull market — ARK Invest
    08 Sep 2023

    Several macroeconomic indicators suggest that bearish headwinds could strengthen during the remainder of 2023 and possibly negatively impact the crypto market. It’s been a whipsaw 2023 for investor sentiment, and even though equities markets have defied expectations, a recent report from ARK Invest highlights reasons why the remainder of 2023 could present several economic challenges. ARK manages…

    Aave, Circle, Base become founding members of Tokenized Asset Coalition
    08 Sep 2023

    It’s a big day for asset tokenization, as many of the biggest names in the field announced the formation of an association to further its development. Seven leaders in decentralized finance (DeFi) have banded together to form the Tokenized Asset Coalition (TAC). The new advocacy group will work toward the adoption of public blockchains, asset…

    Binance CEO brushes off negativity, assures firm has ‘no liquidity issues’
    08 Sep 2023

    Despite the so-called FUD, Changpeng Zhao said in reality, the crypto industry has scored a number of massive wins in recent weeks. Binance co-founder and CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao has hosed down recent rumors against his firm, assuring its balance sheet and employee retention remain robust despite the recent market uncertainty. In a Sept. 7…