EU Parliament research recommends non-EU nations tighten crypto regulation
    23 Sep 2023

    Potential implications around financial stability, lower market appeal and mainstream use of stablecoins were the main concerns highlighted by the author of the report. The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) highlighted the need for tighter oversight from non-European Union regulators to ensure greater stability and development in the global cryptocurrency market. As the Markets in…

    Stablecoin exodus: Why are investors fleeing crypto’s safe haven?
    23 Sep 2023

    Stablecoins have seen a 17-month decline as investors move to traditional assets. What needs to happen for the exodus to stop? In a year filled with uncertainty in the cryptocurrency space, a new trend has been unraveling: a stablecoin exodus that has now lasted for 18 consecutive months and has seen the market dominance of stablecoins drop…

    Base surges past Solana as total value locked nears $400M
    23 Sep 2023

    As per DeFi Llama data, Solana’s TVL has decreased by 9.64% over the past month to sit at $358.96 million, while Base’s TVL has surged to $397.32 million. The total value locked (TVL) on Coinbase’s layer 2 network Base has surged to $397.32 million in roughly a month and a half since launching in August….