SWIFT enrolls 3 central banks in CBDC interoperability beta test, expands sandbox
    14 Sep 2023

    The bank messaging network has seen a dramatic increase in processing speed and is developing technology to connect CBDCs. Three central banks have joined the beta phase of bank messaging platform SWIFT’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) interoperability project, the company announced Sept. 13. It has also entered a new phase of sandbox testing, it…

    Blockchain active users can be misleading metric: Crypto data scientist
    14 Sep 2023

    0xScope co-founder Philip Torres says it doesn’t take much effort to spin up thousands of blockchain wallet addresses and pump up user metrics. Active user count can be a misleading metric for measuring the state of a crypto ecosystem as a small group of users can generate a significant portion of activity across multiple wallets,…

    Polygon co-founder: $1B bet on ZK-rollups paying off
    14 Sep 2023

    Polygon has allocated an estimated $1 billion on zero-knowledge technology underpinning its Ethereum scaling layer-2 solutions. Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal believes the layer-2 blockchain firm is reaping the benefits of allocating $1 billion to develop zero-knowledge (ZK) proof-powered scaling solutions for the Ethereum ecosystem. Speaking at a keynote address during the latest edition of the Token2049…

    BNB Smart Chain Optimism-powered layer-2 opBNB hits mainnet
    14 Sep 2023

    Binance’s Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform, opBNB, is now publicly available, following extensive testing of the OP Stack-based platform. The BNB Chain blockchain ecosystem is set to tap into Optimism’s rollup technology, powering its newly launched opBNB layer-2 scaling platform. BNB Chain announced the public mainnet launch of its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible L2, which delivers…