Web3’s revolution: Why the digital wallet is the new marketing gold
    12 Sep 2023

    The cookie-less internet presents an opportunity, not a risk. It has the ability to redefine and strengthen the connection and trust between consumers and brands. The marketing landscape has shifted in the past few years and is ready for upheaval in the coming few years. Stringent regulations, the retirement of third-party cookies, privacy-conscious Gen Z,…

    Stablecoin de-pegging plagued USDC and DAI more than others: Analysts
    12 Sep 2023

    Stablecoins from Circle and MakerDAO have been more unstable than those from Tether and Binance over the past couple of years, according to a new report from S&P Global. Dollar-pegged stablecoins are not immune to dropping their pegs, but some such as Circle’s USD Coin and MakerDAO’s Dai, have been more prone to depegging than others,…

    Arbitrum (ARB) falls to all-time low as network usage metrics decline
    12 Sep 2023

    ARB’s price slumps to a new low as a decline in TVL, a decline in active addresses engaging with its DApps and a general malaise across the crypto market take their toll. Arbitrum has emerged as a leading contender within the Ethereum network’s layer-2 scalability solutions, boasting a significant total value locked (TVL) and notable…