South Korea focuses on OTC crypto regulations as unlawful deals reach $4B
    19 Sep 2023

    According to the Korea Customs Service report, the value of unlawful foreign exchange transactions made using digital currency was estimated to be worth $4 billion last year. South Korean regulators have turned their focus to over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trades amid growing concerns about their use for criminal activities. The financial regulators in the country are…

    Former Andreessen Horowitz execs launch Bastion after $25M funding round
    19 Sep 2023

    The Web3 startup came out of stealth mode after a seed funding round led by a16z crypto, enabling firms to integrate web3 infrastructure into their existing enterprise technologies. Two former executives from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)’s crypto division have managed to raise $25 million in seed funding for their newly launched Web3 startup Bastion — despite…

    Canto, Astar blockchains plan migration to Ethereum ecosystem as layer 2s
    19 Sep 2023

    By inheriting Ethereum’s security, Canto will be more decentralized and will enable trustless guarantees when bridging assets over, Polygon Labs said. Cosmos-native layer-1 blockchain Canto has become the latest chain to migrate to Ethereum as a layer 2 zero-knowledge rollup after another layer-1 blockchain, Astar, announced similar plans to move from the Polkadot ecosystem to…