US ‘the only country’s crypto startups should avoid, says Ripple CEO
    13 Sep 2023

    Brad Garlinghouse says Singapore, the U.K., the UAE and Switzerland are jurisdictions with “smart” crypto policies that he thinks the U.S. should adopt. The United States is one of — if not the worst — place to launch a cryptocurrency startup in the world right now, according to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, whose firm is…

    Manta Network’s L2 hits mainnet to drive ZK-enabled DApp development
    13 Sep 2023

    Manta Network has launched its zero-knowledge proof layer-2 scaling network, which promises lower fees and higher throughput for developers looking to deploy decentralized applications. The ecosystem of layer-2 blockchain solutions powered by zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs welcomes a new player as Manta Network takes its ZK-as-a-service platform live. Manta Pacific is a modular L2 aimed at…

    Venture capital exec says ‘lack of innovation’ drives funding away from crypto
    13 Sep 2023

    Foresight Ventures partner Tony Cheng said that most of the narratives like layer-2 solutions, zero-knowledge tech and nonfungible tokens have already “played out.” Compared to 2022, where the first and second quarters of the year saw a combined $20.3 billion flow into the space through venture capital funding, 2023 has been significantly lacking. Venture capital…