Polkadot community PolkaWorld halts operations after failed funding bid
    17 Sep 2023

    Brushfam founder Markian Ivanichok claimed that the Polkadot ecosystem “doesn’t care about users” and expressed frustration with the governance process. Polkadot community PolkaWorld has announced that it has halted its operations after the community’s proposal to get funding from Polkadot’s treasury was rejected. The organization raised several concerns about the project’s treasury management and made…

    What are address poisoning attacks in crypto and how to avoid them?
    17 Sep 2023

    Address poisoning attacks involve tracking, misusing or compromising cryptocurrency addresses. Address poisoning attacks are malicious tactics used by attackers who can reroute traffic, interrupt services, or obtain unauthorized access to sensitive data by inserting bogus data or changing routing tables. The integrity of data and network security are seriously threatened by these assaults, which take…

    Magic Eden integrates Solana’s compressed NFTs into marketplace
    17 Sep 2023

    NFT marketplace Magic Eden believes that lowering the costs in NFT production creates an “easy access point” for new users to try NFTs. Nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace Magic Eden has announced that it will support Solana’s compressed NFTs (cNFTs) to provide a cost-efficient and scalable alternative to owning digital collectibles. Today we’re releasing support for…