Idealistic Ethereum community-built zkEVM Scroll launching in weeks
    18 Sep 2023

    Scroll co-founder Ye Zhang is aiming for a community-driven decentralized immutable scaling solution for Ethereum. After two years of development, a group of Ethereum idealists are close to launching their zero-knowledge EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) — Scroll — developed with Ethereum’s values in mind. While there are already several zero-knowledge EVMs in existence today, Scroll…

    Base Network hits almost 2M transactions in a day, still trails Polygon, BSC
    18 Sep 2023

    Base surpassed other layer-2 networks like Optimism and Arbitrum in terms of daily transactions but still lagged behind Polygon and BSC. Coinbase layer-2 network Base hit a new peak in terms of daily transactions, breaking its former record when it was launched in August, according to data from blockchain explorer BaseScan. On Sept. 14, the…

    Web3 is about solving business problems, not token prices: Google Cloud exec
    18 Sep 2023

    While TradFi is the main source of demand for blockchain tech, digital identity and supply chain are exciting areas too, according to Google Cloud Head of Web3 James Tromans. The crypto industry is far too focused on token prices, rather than figuring out how smart contracts can be used to solve real-world business problems, according…