Whale Alert sparks speculation as XRP transfers surge
    03 Sep 2023

    A recent substantial purchase of Ripple’s XRP token has been detected by the crypto tracking platform Whale Alert. Whale Alert reported a transfer of 66,666,659 XRP, worth approximately $33,065,809, from Binance to an undisclosed wallet. The move has sparked speculation about its potential price impact. In the XRP ecosystem, there have been recent transfers of substantial amounts of XRP into…

    Bitcoin continues to outperform Warren Buffett’s portfolio, and the gap is set to widen
    03 Sep 2023

    Spot and levered Bitcoin positions have outperformed Berkshire Hathaway’s stock performance since early 2019. Is it time for Warren Buffett to buy Bitcoin? Warren Buffett, the renowned investor and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, celebrated his 93rd birthday on Aug. 30. Throughout his lengthy career, he has adhered steadfastly to a value investing strategy that bears…